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Choosing the Right Name is Important

The right company name is the foundation of your unique brand and is a key element of your start-up value optimization. We share the tools and tips that will help you select the perfect company name.

Primary name classifications:

Blended Names. These names are created when you combine two different words together to create a unique name. is an example of a blended name.

Prefix/Suffix Names. A great name can be created by adding a suffix or prefix to a single core word element to create a catchy name for your venture. is a good example of an invented name.

Invented Names. An invented name is not a real word that you’ll find in the dictionary. These are wholly made up names. is a good example of an invented name.

Evocative Names. These names conjure up a positive feeling or emotion that capture a core attribute of your company or a key element of your company’s competitive advantage.

What to Look For in a Cool Name

You’ll want to create a company name that rolls off your tongue and sticks in the mind of your target audience. It’s critical that your name choice is legally available. So you’ll want to check with the USTPO to eliminate any legal risk and establish your claim to your name asset.

When you’ve developed a list of potential names you’ll want to check to see if the dot-com TLD that corresponds exactly to your company name is available. If you can’t obtain the exact-match domain name, you should move on to another name choice.

Choosing the right company name needs to be approached seriously. It’s likely to be one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your business. We’ve put together the best naming tools available to enhance to propensity for naming success.

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Finding the right business name can often be a challenge. It's difficult to find a cool, catchy and unique name that's also available and ready to use. At we generate catchy business names and professional insights to help your start-up succeed.

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Leading Names

  • A successful domain name for a company, product or service is usually short in length -- usually fewer than 11 characters. 5 letter domains, 6 letter domains and 7 letter domain names are considered a "sweet spot" in domain name development. The longer the domain name the greater the propensity for customer confusion and misspellings.