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How to Create the Perfect Company Name in 10 Easy Steps

If you’re like most small business owners, you want an entrancing name that captures all the great things your company does and clearly differentiates your firm from your competitors.  You want a name that’s striking, dynamic and commands attention.

a2By far, the #1 question we get at NamingTools is “how do I name my company?”  We’ll walk you through the naming process step-by-step and provide you with the tools to pick an unrivaled name for your business.

Picking the right name is important.  Really important.  Your company name is how you will be remembered by your audience and it will shape their initial impression of your firm.  The right name can help catapult your start-up from an embryonic entity to a dominating industry player.  In this article we’ll walk you through every step of the name development process and explain how you can create a formidable business name that will enable your company to soar.

We have identified ten easy steps to follow to create a winning company name. Each step is easy to read and easy to follow.


Step 1: Assemble an All-Star Naming Team

When you start the process of choosing a brand new business name, you’ll want to put together a well-grounded set of advisors.  The smaller the team, the easier it will be to make decisions. Too many members on your naming team could get you bogged-down. It is important get the perspectives of a small coterie of trusted associates.


Step 2: Brainstorm Core Words

You will want to create of list of the core words that capture the essence of your business.  Think about those words and phrases that are at the very core of your business.  You might want to ask your family, friends, business associates and other individuals that understand your business.

Ask team members to free-associate, brainstorming as many words, word-elements, thoughts and phrases that come to mind when thinking about your venture.


Step 3:  Search for Names That Contain Your Core Words

After you’ve identify your core words, you’ll want to explore ways to incorporate the word – or word fragment – into a bonafide name.  Consider ways to expand, modify or enhance the core word to create a unique brand name.  For example, when you hear the word “bay” a set of images come to mind.  When you hear the name “eBay” a different set of images come to mind.

Enter each of your core words into the search bar. All the available business names that contain the keyword will be displayed. Make a note of the names that could work for your company.


Step 4: Set Naming Parameters and Objectives

Over the years we have compiled a solid set of characteristics that define high-quality, market-leading brands.   We’ve put together a set of assessment tools in this article “How to Pick a Company Name.”  94% of the largest global companies have brand names with fewer than 9 characters, are easy to remember, have a smooth cadence, have no special characters, aren’t limiting in scope and are positioned for global growth.


Step 5: Search for Names That Fit Your Market

Think about all the marketplaces and niche-markets that you’re in.  You’ll want to consider names that have a special appeal to your market segment or evoke a positive feeling or attribute. For example consider names for  Industrial, Retail, General Business, Innovative Markets, Health, Science, Professional Service, Computer & Technology, Products and more.


Step 6: Explore Invented Names

You won’t find an invented name in the dictionary because it’s not a real word.  That’s a very good thing when you’re looking to build a brand.  There is a major distinction between a name and a brand.  A dictionary word comes with an established set of expectations.  But an invented names like Kylore, Dyzen and Agedy are tabula-rasa — free from pre-established expectations.  This makes them ideal for building a formidable brand.


Step 7: Sort Prospective Choices

After you’ve identified a set of all your possible name options, it’s time to narrow your selection comes.  Reconvene your naming team and charge them with assessing, sorting and narrowing your list.  Get input from each team member.  Ask them how each name makes them feel and the sense that each name evokes.


Step 8: Research Name Availability

Now come one of the most frustrating steps in the naming process – checking for availability and use.  A great name is worthless if it isn’t available, is in active use or is protected by trademark.  This step requires a great deal of patients.

To save yourself from headaches and consternation down the road, you’ll want to undertake an extensive search on your name selections.  Check out this NamingTools article on the free resources and tools to check name availability.


Step 9: Check Domain Availability

In conjunction with your name search efforts, you’ll need to check for domain name availability.  People are going to be looking for your business online and they are going to expect to find your company by typing your company name, followed by dot-com, into their browser.  For example, if you wanted to find NamingTools on the internet, you would enter into your browser.  You wouldn’t type in,,, or any of the millions of configurations and domain extensions.

You would expect to find us at – and you would be right.  Using any other domain extension would be sending prospects and customers someplace else.

We have an article that outlines the free tools available to check domain name availability.  If you can’t get the dot-come domain for your brand, move on to another choice.


Step 10: Pick Your Brand Name

The final step is to purchase your domain name, register your company name with requisite regulatory bodies and consider trademark registration with the USPTO.  After you’ve picked your brand name, you’ll need to craft a company identity and logo that’s consistent with your company strategy.  At, all names in our online catalog include an initial design concept at no additional cost. If you like, our graphics team can make changes to the logo design to meet your needs.  If you have any naming questions, give our naming team a call at 1-800-852-8900.


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